January 2019





Hello Partners!

Welcome to the January update!
Here are some highlights for this month:


Empowering every developer to achieve more at Microsoft Connect(); 2018

As a company built by developers and for developers, we understand the opportunities and challenges that developers face every day. Today, we are continuing to deliver developer tools and Azure services that help you be more innovative and productive than ever. Read here


Microsoft at NRF: Delivering on the promise of intelligent retail

At Microsoft, we look to bring to market products and services that work seamlessly together to help retailers do more and take advantage of the latest technologies like AI, machine learning and IoT across the entire organization. Read here


With Code Jumper, experts look to jumpstart computer science interest for kids who are blind

The students at New College Worcester are all blind or with low vision, and they are part of a group of students across the UK who have spent the previous school year beta testing Project Torino, a research project that led to the development of a new product called Code Jumper. It’s a physical programming language that is designed to be inclusive of children with all ranges of vision. Read here


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