Q1 Update - November 2018





Hello Partners!

Welcome to the November update!
Here are some highlights for this month:


Microsoft AI: Empowering transformation
The era of artificial intelligence is upon us and has the potential to transform our lives, industries and society in ways that may be difficult to imagine today. AI offers us new ways to boost employee productivity and creativity, increase business agility, improve customer engagement and jumpstart new product innovation – and that’s just the beginning of what is possible.   Read here.


Microsoft introduces guidelines for developing responsible conversational AI

As more of our partners, clients and customers set out to design conversational interfaces such as chatbots and virtual assistants, they often ask us for advice on how to develop these technologies in a way that will benefit people while also maintaining their trust.   Read here


Introducing Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is the place for your team to start building the skills they need to create and deliver Microsoft solutions and prepare for certifications. It allows you to choose how you want to learn – through bite-sized tutorials, longer, structured learning paths or in-person courses delivered by Microsoft Learning partners. Regardless of which modality you choose, all options provide the readiness you need to prepare for new role-based certifications.   Read here.


Key Partner Resources:


Join: MAPA: Microsoft Association for Practicing Architects



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